Dustin Crummett

I currently teach in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. I work primarily in social and political philosophy, ethics, and the intersection of these two fields and philosophy of religion. I’ve recently finished a dissertation on distributive justice which was co-advised by Robert Audi and Paul Weithman. In it, I argue that justice demands that we allow fairly little in the way of economic inequality–less, even, than many paradigmatically egalitarian philosophers have supposed. In the future, I plan to write more on how equality pertains to social and political questions outside distributive justice. I also have interests in certain applied topics, such as gun control and various issues in philosophy of technology, and in both ethical and theological questions concerning non-human animals. Finally, my main research project in philosophy of religion involves trying to (1) figure out what obligations God would have towards creatures and why, and (2) figure out how (and whether) a theistic picture of the world can be understood in a way that doesn’t have unacceptable implications for ordinary human ethics. (See my paper “Sufferer-Centered Requirements on Theodicy and All-Things-Considered Harms,” available on the “Research” page, for an example of an attempt to tackle both these aims.)

I have taught classes at both Notre Dame and Ivy Tech Community College. A list of courses is available on the “Teaching” page.

I have nine papers or book chapters published or forthcoming, and several more in progress. More information is available on the “Research” and “CV” pages.

Before coming to Notre Dame, I received a B.A. in Philosophy from the College of William & Mary in 2012.